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My blog has been neglected for MONTHS - but never fear! I have been busy behind the scenes working on this newly launched redesign!

I still need to troubleshoot and fix links that may have been broken in the switch. I was sick of looking at my old site and figured I'd fix things after!



I have been keeping busy working on new projects since last I posted. Stay tuned for updates, like the pillows over there --->.

Please do let me know what you think of the redesign!


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I have another completed project to share!  

A few months back, I started playing with mug rugs (for those not familiar -- a mug rug is an oversized coaster) and I was asked to create a set of placemats using the same design as this one:

Mug Rug







With the mug rug as inspiration, we then went to town sifting through my stash and weeding out fabric until we found just the right combination of fabric for the placemats.  An assortment of shades of green were chosen, as well as a fun backing fabric.  A brown binding nicely tied both sides together.

Once each placemat was sewn and constructed - the hard question was how to quilt?! I didn't want to detract from the pieced front or the fun fabric on the back, so I chose to simply echo the seams on either sides of the squares.








To see more images of these lovely placemats, please visit the full photo gallery.

A Minecraft Quilt

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My good friend, A, decided she wanted to commission a very special gift for her boyfriend's birthday.  She chose a quilt based on one of his favorite games, Minecraft.

For those of you reading this who may be unfamiliar - don't worry, I was too at first.  

For those of you who may be reading this who came here just because of a Google search for Minecraft - Hi!

So for those that don't know already, Minecraft is very "blocky" - all block shaped things.  Block headed animals and monsters.  Luckily for this Mine"craft" project - quilts and squares play nicely together! Each square in this quilt started as a 2" piece of cut fabric - except for the pick axe which was even smaller.

A, aka the best! girlfriend! ever!, very nicely drew a basic design for me - giving me an idea of what blocks she wanted in her quilt.  This way I could visualize what she had in mind!

After completing many Google image searches and tons of cutting, sewing and quilting - I present to you the finished quilt:

Top Row: Water, Pig, Obsidian

2nd Row: Cow, Diamond Pick Axe, Wonder Woman

3rd Row: Dr. Who, Dirt/Grass, Creeper 

Bottom Row: Lava, Enderman, Diamond Ore

For more detailed shots of the finished quilt, please visit the full Minecraft quilt photogallery!

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Wedding Guestbook Quilt: Revealed

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I received word last night that the Wedding Guestbook quilt (finally) reached the bride and groom, which means I can now share with the world, or at least the world wide web. I say (finally) because this wedding present from the Bridesmaids was "slightly" delayed - the happy couple married in June 2010.   

Instead of a traditional paper guestbook, the bride and groom wished to have a quilt created for them instead. I was tasked with how to make this happen. The wedding guests were given the choice of three slightly different shades of blue fabric and a Sharpie (rub-a-dub) marker.

Once the bridesmaids returned from the wedding with the signed squares, the project was fully turned over to me to make something special for the bride and groom. No pressure, right?

I decided to keep with the blue theme - as that was one of their main "colors" of the wedding. I also chose three special pictures of the bride and groom and three pictures of the bride with her 'maids to print on printable fabric which I then incorporated into the overall design of the quilt.   

Each message square was bordered with a fabric to tie all shades of blue together and to act as a frame so each message would stand out as "special." I also framed each picture with a thicker fabric border.  I chose a staggered layout of my own creation and handquilted a swirly meandering stitch pattern in the dark blue border fabric.  The entire quilt was also framed and I accented the frame by machine quilting in the border.

All told, the entire process (though lengthy and full of decision after decision for this option-girl) ended well and I even received the following feedback from the happy couple:

"Your work is amazing . . . We love your quilt and will cherish it always!" 

 To see all photos of this special quilt, please visit the photogallery.

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"Let's Start At The Very Beginning..."

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Although I am currently working on a few different projects simultaneously, I realized I haven't been able to share my works in progress as they are actually in progress (with a few exceptions).

To play, I've started working on a project that doesn't currently have a home.  I don't know what size it will be when finished and I'm not making it with anyone in mind.  As I said, I'm playing.

Inspired by this tutorial from Quilting In The Rain, I started by using a charm pack of BasicGrey's Hello Luscious line for Moda.

Step 1: Planning

Step 2: Two finished squares

Step 3: Making Progress

Please stay tuned for future updates on my "play" project!

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And it feels so good!!

The wedding guest book quilt is (finally) complete and should be on its way to the bride and groom soon! I can't wait to post pictures for you all to see. I am not at all biased, but I think the finished quilt looks fantastic!

Since I can't share those today, here's another finished project instead: