In Use

Posted on by handmadebycasey

Nothing makes me happier than when I get to see a quilt project I've made being used by its new owner.

For those friends of mine who have started pro-creating, I tend to demand more pictures of their wee ones than those few that make it to facebook.  I recently spotted a Handmade by Casey original in the background of a shot of a cutie who was 3 months old already (at the time the picture was taken).

Isn't she the cutest?!

I almost didn't notice the quilt in the background -- all I could focus on at first were those pinchable cheeks.

It is so nice to know that once a piece leaves my hands it is put to use and enjoyed.

Here's a shot of a commissioned queen size in its permanent home:

That's a guest room I would love to stay in!


In summary: quilts are meant to be loved and USED.