Wedding Guestbook Quilt: Revealed

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I received word last night that the Wedding Guestbook quilt (finally) reached the bride and groom, which means I can now share with the world, or at least the world wide web. I say (finally) because this wedding present from the Bridesmaids was "slightly" delayed - the happy couple married in June 2010.   

Instead of a traditional paper guestbook, the bride and groom wished to have a quilt created for them instead. I was tasked with how to make this happen. The wedding guests were given the choice of three slightly different shades of blue fabric and a Sharpie (rub-a-dub) marker.

Once the bridesmaids returned from the wedding with the signed squares, the project was fully turned over to me to make something special for the bride and groom. No pressure, right?

I decided to keep with the blue theme - as that was one of their main "colors" of the wedding. I also chose three special pictures of the bride and groom and three pictures of the bride with her 'maids to print on printable fabric which I then incorporated into the overall design of the quilt.   

Each message square was bordered with a fabric to tie all shades of blue together and to act as a frame so each message would stand out as "special." I also framed each picture with a thicker fabric border.  I chose a staggered layout of my own creation and handquilted a swirly meandering stitch pattern in the dark blue border fabric.  The entire quilt was also framed and I accented the frame by machine quilting in the border.

All told, the entire process (though lengthy and full of decision after decision for this option-girl) ended well and I even received the following feedback from the happy couple:

"Your work is amazing . . . We love your quilt and will cherish it always!" 

 To see all photos of this special quilt, please visit the photogallery.

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