A Minecraft Quilt

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My good friend, A, decided she wanted to commission a very special gift for her boyfriend's birthday.  She chose a quilt based on one of his favorite games, Minecraft.

For those of you reading this who may be unfamiliar - don't worry, I was too at first.  

For those of you who may be reading this who came here just because of a Google search for Minecraft - Hi!

So for those that don't know already, Minecraft is very "blocky" - all block shaped things.  Block headed animals and monsters.  Luckily for this Mine"craft" project - quilts and squares play nicely together! Each square in this quilt started as a 2" piece of cut fabric - except for the pick axe which was even smaller.

A, aka the best! girlfriend! ever!, very nicely drew a basic design for me - giving me an idea of what blocks she wanted in her quilt.  This way I could visualize what she had in mind!

After completing many Google image searches and tons of cutting, sewing and quilting - I present to you the finished quilt:

Top Row: Water, Pig, Obsidian

2nd Row: Cow, Diamond Pick Axe, Wonder Woman

3rd Row: Dr. Who, Dirt/Grass, Creeper 

Bottom Row: Lava, Enderman, Diamond Ore

For more detailed shots of the finished quilt, please visit the full Minecraft quilt photogallery!

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