A Quilt a Day...

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Wouldn't that be amazing? I did, however, start a new quilt project last weekend. Another gift. I had pulled fabric from my stash a few months back and it was waiting patiently for me to finish the tshirt quilt. The fabric has now been ironed, cut, sewn, ironed and cut some more. If I stay on this schedule I should be able to finish the quilt top and begin putting the sandwhich layers together by this weekend.

It is amazing when I am able to get so much done in a short amount of time!


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I have finally finished the tshirt quilt I've been working on for the past few months! It took so long because i had a very ambitious design plan.

15 different shirt fronts were used (all requiring interfacing to be ironed on the back to stabilize the fabric), a sashing fabric in between each shirt and two different fabrics used as borders around the whole thing. The back of the quilt utilized many different fabrics sewn together in the disappearing nine-patch pattern.

A truly reversible quilt!

As I've said before, it was a gift for a friend. She provided the shirts and the rest of the design was a surprise. Luckily, she loved the final outcome!

Pictures to be posted soon...

Free Time?

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Where can I find the extra hours in the day to accomplish all of the items on my to-do list? I currently have 3-4 differen quilting projects I would like to work on. First I must must must finish the tshirt quilt that has been ongoing. I currently have 9 out of 15 squares quilted so at least I am making progress.

How do you find the time for crafty pursuits or other hobbies?


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I have been commissioned to work on a "Guestbook Quilt" for an upcoming wedding. It is going to be a present from the two bridesmaids to the bride and groom. The bride envisions each guest or couple attending the wedding will have the opportunity to sign a fabric square if they so choose. Then all the squares will make their way back to the east coast where they will be transformed into a quilt.

I am on the hunt for the perfect pens to be used for this type of project. What are your favorite markers/pens to use on fabric?

Sandwich Time

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The tshirt quilt is coming along! The next step is laying out out all of the layers on the floor and pinning them together (aka making the quilt sandwich). After the pinning is complete I can begin quilting. I haven't decided how exactly I will be quilting this. I usually prefer to hand quilt because I feel like I have more control over the outcome. What kind of quilting do you prefer? Hand or machine?

I am looking forward to finishing this specific quilt so that I can finally gift it to my friend. Soon!


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Works in progress. I have so many! So much fabric so little time.

I just finished sewing the front together on the tshirt quilt. I am going to go back to piecing the back while I decide if the front needs a border. I'm not sure I am going to make my self imposed deadline of the first weekend in May, but I should be close!

The quilt design is a surprise for my friend so I will post pictures after it is finished and in her possession.


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I am making excellent progress on the tshirt quilt I am working on. All of the shirts are cut to size and I am trying to determine the best layout. I have also picked out and cut the dashing fabric for the front and I am currently in the process of cutting squares for the back of the quilt. My self-imposed deadline/my friend's graduation day is fast approaching! I hope to get a lot accomplished this weekend.