Secret Project: Revealed!

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I can finally share one of my "secret projects" because it has been shipped and received!

A bit of back story:

College friends Hill and Jon got married in July of 2011.  Hill is the one who taught me quilting basics in the summer of 2004.  She is super crafty.  For their wedding, she made different sets of napkins for each table.  The escort cards then had a swatch of fabric so that you knew what table you were assigned. (Like this idea from MS Weddings)

At the wedding, it was agreed upon by my fellow tablemates that we would take a napkin from each table and I would create something quilted for the bride and groom as a surprise.

Fast forward six months or so - I have completed their present!

My thought process was as follows.  They will have leftover napkins from the wedding. I wanted to make something they could use with said napkins.  I started by creating two coasters from each fabric.

After that, I had to figure out how to make 24 completely different fabrics look like they belonged together in one composition.  Thank goodness for the internet! 

I found inspiration and utilized this tutorial from Elizabeth Hartman and modified it for my purpose.  Instead of making different quilt squares, I chose to make one long table runner -- to go with my napkins and coaster theme. 

 Hooray for completed projects!

To see more pictures of the runner/coasters, please visit the photo gallery:

Organization is my friend.

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When it comes to my fabric stash (and boy do I have a stash), I find that I need to be able to see it all at a glance in order to be able to use it.  It's come to the point that I can now "shop" within my own mini fabric store with each fabric on its own bolt.  I've utilized the comic book board method of folding my fabric and have two Ikea bookcases for display.

Last week I was privileged enough to have the time to fold new fabric additions and completely reorganize my wall-o-fabric.

Here's a picture to get an idea of how it used to be organized (before I painted and rearranged furniture in my living room a year or so ago) and an "after" shot after the painting/furniture change:


Not too shabby, right? 

Last week, I decided to separate my solids from the rest of the stash.

Please allow me to introduce Mr. Roy G. Biv

The whole shebang:

Full disclosure: My neutrals (white, creams, browns, blacks, etc) are located elsewhere.

In Use

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Nothing makes me happier than when I get to see a quilt project I've made being used by its new owner.

For those friends of mine who have started pro-creating, I tend to demand more pictures of their wee ones than those few that make it to facebook.  I recently spotted a Handmade by Casey original in the background of a shot of a cutie who was 3 months old already (at the time the picture was taken).

Isn't she the cutest?!

I almost didn't notice the quilt in the background -- all I could focus on at first were those pinchable cheeks.

It is so nice to know that once a piece leaves my hands it is put to use and enjoyed.

Here's a shot of a commissioned queen size in its permanent home:

That's a guest room I would love to stay in!


In summary: quilts are meant to be loved and USED.



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It is a brand new year and time to think about changes to make in the year to come. One of mine is to be better about updating this here blog.

If you're new to my site... Hi! Welcome. I'm Casey. I spend loads of my free time making crafty things or researching and getting inspiration for future projects. I hope to be able to better keep track of my ideas and works in progress!

I've got a few things in the line up so far. A project that is long overdue, a surprise wedding present and another tshirt quilt. Pictures and updates to come!

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Time Flies!

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Clearly, I have a hard time keeping this here blog up to date! Sadly, the last time it was touched was back in November.  Since then, I have painted my apartment, rearranged the furniture a few different times and completed a bunch of projects!

Yes, you heard me - FINISHED a bunch of projects!

I have updated the photo gallery with some of those projects - a baby quilt, crocheted yarmulkes and a table runner, oh my!

I have quite a few projects in the lineup at the moment - current works in progress include a wedding Guest Book quilt and another PSU college tshirt quilt! 

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I find it very hard to be creative when my workspace is crazy. I recently painted my apartment (which is where all of my crafty supplies live) and everything is still not back to normal. All of the big pieces of furniture are back in place, but it is all of the stuff and clutter that are in chaos. My cutting table? Covered! I need to go through everything, purge and organize. I find that It is super hard to motivate after a long day/long week.

How do you find your motivation?


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Pictures of the most recent tshirt quilt have been posted.

Check out the gallery here:

Let me know your thoughts!